Day 5: Order food from a plant-based restaurant.

There are SO many delicious plant-based eateries out there! Treat yourself to a meal! You can go for some vegan comfort food or a healthy salad or bowl.

Search the map to find plant-based businesses near you, including: restaurants, dessert businesses, food and beverage shops, textile products, beauty products, and cleaning products and services.

A great app for finding plant-based restaurants in different communities is Happy Cow. You can search your location for fully vegan, vegetarian or restaurants with plant-based options. Visit the website below.

Want more inspiration? Watch us participate in Day 5 below!


Day 5: Try a plant-based restaurant 🍽️ Join the 21-Day Plant-Based Challenge at! 🌱 #Dinner #Restaurant #Vegan #Burnaby #NewWest #VeganForTheAnimals

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